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Custom Dress in Ravello

Custom Dress in Ravello

Welcome to the amazing town of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, destination number two on our Italian honeymoon.  Now, I’m not going to lie to you, wedding planning was hard.  I wasn’t amazing at it (though I have many friends that are).  The relief of being on vacation and in a beautiful foreign country with my HUSBAND, feels amazing.

Strolling through the town of Ravello was like walking back in time.  Cobblestone streets, peeling paint, flowers and quaint squares as far as the eye can see. Ravello is the perfect town for taking a bit of time and strolling around for the day.  The gardens in the 2 villas of the town are spectacular and meant for wandering.

Our days in Ravello were filled with cooking classes, wine tasting (buying A LOT of wine that then needed to be shipped home), eating amazing food, wandering, and well, a bit of shopping.

My favorite thing I wore in Ravello was this beautiful dress from Piol.  Piol is an amazing custom dress company based in NYC.  As a 6 foot tall woman, you can imagine things don’t always fit quite right.  Though, I feel like so many women feel this way about shopping.  Finding something that feels amazing can be hard.  Well, Piol takes the stress right out of shopping.  Their made to measure dresses are super fun and easy to create.  Simply pick a color pallet, select your silhouette and fabric then provide your measurements.  In a few short weeks you’ll have the best fitting dress you’ve ever owned.

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Dress: Piol c/o // Shoes: Chiara Ferragni // Bag: Stella McCartney  // Hat: Panama Hat //Sunglasses: Celine // Bracelets: E.Kammeyer Tassel Bracelets, Cartier Love Bracelet // Necklace: Nashelle