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My Dry Hair Essentials For Winter

My sort of curly, often frizzy, textured hair has a habit of being VERY dry during the winter. It’s taken me years to find products that actually work and help seal moisture into my my dry locks. I finally feel like as a 30 something year old woman I’ve found the products that do the job. So I figured it’s wrong to keep all of these dry hair secrets to myself and hence I’m sharing my dry hair essentials for winter.

Let’s start with hair treatments. The Damage Remedy line from Aveda is a serious winner for those with dry, damaged hair. I use the Intensive Restructuring Treatment in place of my normal conditioner these days. I only wash my hair 2x a week and this moisturizing treatment works wonders for me. Once I get out of the shower I use the Daily Hair Repair as a leave-in treatment. The two products combined are MAGIC. And I am not overstating that. When I use both of these back to back, my hair is unbelievably soft, manageable and moisturized. Last but not least, I’ve been using the Split End Repair for touch ups on my ends. It really helps when my hair looks frizzy at the ends and unkempt.

I used to think that any old towel would work for drying my hair after the shower. I was most definitely mistaken. Aquis makes a super straight forward hair towel that does it all. It is super absorbent and speeds up dry time plus is super soft and gentle on your hair. Using a normal bath sheet/towel can actually break your hair and create frizz.

The next step in my dry haircare routine is brushing. Generally it’s thought your hair is most fragile when wet so you want to be very careful. After years of using my trusty paddle brush I had a hair stylist tell me she thought most of my breakage was happening during brushing. So I did a ton of research and found this brush from Manta. The brush is flexible offering more control and less risk of breaking your hair. I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and am obsessed!

Night is one of my favorite brands for all things silk textiles. I’ve been using their silk pillowcases for ages but was really impressed by a specific launch this year, The Silk Plus Pillowcase (click here to see a fun Reel I created with the Silk Plus). It’s a dual sided silk pillowcase with mulberry silk on one side and rayon on the other. The mulberry silk side is best for normal/dry skin/hair and the rayon side is best for normal/oily skin/hair. I definitely have noticed that using a silk pillowcase has reduced my hair breakage and overall frizz. On top of that, if you are a side or stomach sleeper, you really want to use a silk pillowcase to be the kindest to your skin and fighting off future wrinkles. Use code EMILY20 for 20% off at NIGHT.

My final tip for keeping your hair frizz and breakage free is to steer clear of the classic elastic hair bands. They grip onto your hair and will break it. Instead I suggest swapping in some silk scrunchies. I love the ones from Night (plus they come in two sizes!) The classic size is great for all day but also perfect for working out and impact movements. The skinny size is great for a minimalist hair style or a look where you don’t want a big scrunchie in your hair.Use code EMILY20 for 20% off at NIGHT.


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My Dry Hair Essentials For Winter