Learning To Be Perfectly Imperfect

Learning To Be Perfectly Imperfect
Learning To Be Perfectly Imperfect

Something every athlete fears is the risk of injury.  We all do our best to stretch after a long training run, take it slow when something doesn’t feel right, etc.  But sometimes you get into bad habits and the worst happens, you get injured.

I’ve spent the last 4 months nursing a back injury and accepting that my daily workouts weren’t possible.  For me, working out every day is therapy.  Some people spin, others lift weights, but for me, running is where I find peace.  If I’m working through something difficult, I hit the pavement.  That time alone on the West Side Highway working through things in my head is necessary.  So, for the last few months I’ve felt a bit stir crazy, or just plain old crazy.

The road to recovery felt like a long one, but I am finally working on integrating workouts back into my schedule.  The hardest part though is not to go full steam ahead and workout 7 days straight.  My brain is telling me to do more, while my body is telling me I’m not quite there yet.  And so here is the dilemma, like many of us, my physical appearance and overall fitness is something I work very hard on.  I’m proud of being fit and able to run a half marathon on a whim.  After 4 months of not working out I’ve found it difficult to give myself a break.  I look at my body after this lack of physical activity and find myself picking it apart.  Accepting that I’m not perfect and that everything is a little squishier than it used to be is a hard pill to swallow.

These are moments when we learn though.  Back to the drawing board is what I’ve told myself.  Learning to make time for other therapeutic outlets has been one of the many positive outcomes.  I’ve started taking an interest in meditation thanks to my new friends at Lululemon, and found a new way to chill.  Even though I find it hard to accept my flaws, my new uplifting friends accepted me in my sadly broken state and invited me into their family.

I was humbled when asked last month to be a Lululemon ambassador.  The honor is one that is I do not take lightly.  In my months of recovery they picked me up, cheered me on, invited me to meditate, have coffee, cocktails and laugh.  I am so excited for the amazing journey ahead with this kick ass crew of people.

So here’s to an amazing spring ahead with lots of new running paths, friends and experiences.  If I can leave you with one piece of advice, it’s to get out there and do something that brings you joy today.  A very wise person I met recently told me to spend 15 minutes everyday doing something that brings me joy.  My goal this month is to do just that.  So what will you do with your 15 minutes?

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Outfit Details // Jacket: New Balance c/o // Shirt: Lululemon c/o // Leggings: Lululemon c/o // Shoes: New Balance c/o // Gloves: Lululemon // Sports Bra: Lululemon c/o // Sunglasses: Dior // Headband: E.Kammeyer Accessories

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