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What actually worked for my hyperpigmentation!

Hyperpigmentation products

I’ve struggled more than ever this summer with hyperpigmentation. Those pesky little dark spots on our faces that get worse and worse as the summer goes on. To make matters worse, I also struggled with melasma and a darkening upper lip.

I went straight to the source and decided to have a chat with my dermatologist about what the heck was going on and how to fix it. His solutions were multi-tiered and start with GET LESS SUN. Ok, yeah easier said than done for someone that loves to run outside, go to the beach and lives in a VERY well lit apartment that is constantly drenched in sunlight. I am religious about wearing sunscreen everyday, so no change there. But his next suggestion was to wear a hat when going out as much as possible. My next step was to buy a running hat large enough that it looks like a shade sail haha! But it does the job and protects my face.

My favorite sunscreen’s I wear everyday are from Love Sun Body and Skinceuticals:

My derm next suggested I ingest a vitamin C supplement in the AM, I’ve been taking this one from Goop, and also wear a vitamin C serum in the morning. I decided to test out a number of vitamin C serums and found three that I thought were highly effective and delivered on their promises. There are so many vitamin C serum’s on the market and honestly they are all vastly different in effectiveness, stability and how long they are effective/degrade.

The three I fell in love with and ACTUALLY helped reduce my melasma and hyperpigmentation were Goop, Hyper and Admire my skin. Hyper was effective yet not as aggressive. This one you would need to use for longer to start seeing the effects. The price point is pretty great ringing in at $36. Goop‘s vitamin c serum was defiantly active and tingly when applied. I would say I started seeing results in about 3 weeks after using. It does have a heftier price tag though ringing in at $125 (but worth it!).

Lastly Admire My Skin was the MOST effective (due to the inclusion of 2% hydroquinone) and I saw effects quickly within 2 weeks. It definitely packs a punch, so much so that one of my best friends uses it as a spot treatment only. I liked using it on my entire face and loved the results. Even better than the results though was the price tag ringing in at $24!!

I found adding the serums to be the most effective and fastest tool in reducing the hyperpigmentation on my face. They don’t totally remove it by any means but most definitely lightened it. I also used a vitamin C cleanser and brightening pads from Rodial in conjunction with the serums. The combination really brightened up my skin and brought back some of my glow that I felt had been dulled by summer sun.

While all of these over the counter treatments I found highly effective and reduced many of my dark spots, they didn’t totally remove the hyperpigmentation and melasma. From what my derm said and most of my in depth reading, it isn’t possible with topical at home treatments.

If you are looking for stronger effects you will want to look into in-office treatments from a dermatologist or medical spa. Now that the season has changed, it’s the perfect time to try out one of those treatments. IPL and chemical peels can be highly effective for hyperpigmentation and melasma.

Next in my quest for brighter skin with less hyperpigmentation will be testing out some of these in-office treatments!


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The 2 Trends Everyone is Lusting Over for Summer!

Summer is here and though it is definitely a weird one, it doesn’t mean that we’re skipping my favorite season! I love summer for so many reasons including the beach, summer runs, outdoor dining, and just that glorious feeling of sun on your skin.

Shopping for my favorite season looked a little different this year though. I have mainly been buying pieces that feel more evergreen and will last me for a few seasons. That said, when the puff sleeve returned this season, I could not help myself! I LOVE a full sleeve or any sort of drama and wanted to add some fun to my wardrobe.

There are two trends that I keep seeing on repeat that I personally love and have loved for years, puff sleeves and smocking. There are so many ways to translate these details! But, as it’s summer, they are so perfect for a summer dress or matching separates!

This dress I picked up at H&M (similar here) paired perfectly with my new Bottega bag (birthday gift from my husband) and nude pointed toe mules from Ann Taylor. I loved this dress because it blended the two trends together so well with a puff sleeve and smocking throughout the entire bodice all the way to the low hip.

Shop my look:

This is just one way to translate the trend though! I pulled together a few of my favorite pieces for summer in all price ranges to rock this summer and into the fall.

Contemporary and luxury price point :

Budget and entry level price point:

I would love to hear from you all! Are you into the puff sleeve and smocking trend? What are you loving for summer?



The 2 Trends Everyone is Lusting Over for Summer!

Vitamins- What every woman should be taking, what’s BS and what’s worth the money!

Vitamins and supplements always seemed like a nice to have to me, but I NEVER knew what I should be taking! On top of that, there are so many options to choose from, how the heck do you know what’s right?

Instead of wandering around in the dark, I decided to seek some advice from Kristin of Warrior Woman Mode. Kristin specializes in wellness coaching for women. Whenever I am considering adding a supplement or vitamin to my diet, I head to Kristin for advice.

But I thought starting from scratch here would be helpful. I interviewed Kristin this week to get the down and dirty on what women should be taking to feel their best!

Here’s the scoop on why we should all be supplementing with vitamins and minerals:

Kristin: Nowadays, even when eating local and organic, food is less nutrient dense than it used to be. The hard-hitting added stressors—from your iPhone alarm and blue laptop lights to the beeps, bells, and whistles of our modern everyday life—increase our nutrient needs. All of us are typically working out more than the average, sedentary everyday person and exercise increases your need for further nutrients, too. We face tons of new toxins daily—in the air, in products, in our offices, and lives—and we need extra nutrients to push the toxins into our body’s detox pathways to help get rid of them. And, last, but certainly not least, even organic, local, well-sourced foods have way less nutritional value than our ancestors’ food had because agriculture has changed so much over time, and all these added stressors affect everything down to the soil our food grows in.

Adding nutritional supplements will:

  • Aid in muscle repair and recovery

  • Increase your energy

  • Boost immunity

  • Regulate blood sugar

  • Support cognitive function (You are most likely living with more brain fog than you need!)

  • Create antioxidative defense, which defend against all those free radicals! (Free radicals, by the way, are unstable molecules that can damage cells in your body that arise due to metabolic process, environmental toxins, and stress!)

What supplements/brands should every woman be taking?

EVERYWOMAN is hard to speak to given our physiological differences, but here are the basics in my opinion:

  • Amino Acids (EAAs) – especially if a woman works out

  • Magnesium

  • An adaptogen of some type -depends on desired outcome

  • MultiVitamin / Vitamin D

KRISTIN’S FAVE SUPPLEMENT BRANDS – Highly bioavailable, well-tested, and cleanly sourced.

Amino Acids

  • KION: This is what I take. Only available online from Kion or Amazon, and super bioavailable. These are all the essential amino acids (EAAs). Best to take these versus a mix of EAAs and BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) unless you know you personally need BCAAs.


  • The most comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement in easy to manage and take on-the-go packets I have found is Primal Master Formula.

  • Thorne 2-A-Day is also excellent, but with a few less fancy ingredients that cost more to source, and is priced at half the cost.


  • Responsible for over 600 systemic and cellular functions in the body

  • Tons of literature on mood boosting effects

  • Wonderful to regulate sleep, best to take with dinner or before sleep


I use the unflavored kind so I can add to anything, usually to my a.m. coffee. This will support skin, hair, joint, nails, teeth, elasticity, repair, and recovery. It is an added source of clean protein and is always animal based (not vegan).

  • Bulletproof collagen is my go-to brand.

  • Vital Proteins has some great varieties and also a wild-caught marine sourced version if you only eat fish.

  • If you are need of some chocolatey shake goodness, have no fear, Primal Kitchen has made a chocolate coconut collagen fuel mix!

  • All of the above are sold at Erewhon and Whole Foods as well and usually at your local top-notch supplement shop.


  • Mushrooms: Reishi (relax and destress) and Cordyceps (pre-workout)

    • Brand: ALPHA DYNAMICS (Code: WELLPOWER gets them 10% off)

  • Rhodiola: Tons of research on mood boosting effects (I like Thorne Research)

  • ALGAE: (EnergyBits Brand VITALITY BITS: a mix of Spirulina and Chlorella) have protein, micro nutrients, Omega-3 healthy fat, detoxification and cell healing properties (Code: WELLPOWER gets them 20% off)

What are some nice to haves that help kick it up a notch?

  • Melatonin –

  • NAD – NAD+

  • L-Theanine / Cognetics Excel

What vitamin brands do you prefer?

  • Thorne Research

  • Primal Blueprint (Mark Sisson)

  • Alpha Dynamics

  • KION (Aminos)

  • Sea Buckthorn Wonders

  • Alitura

  • Cognetics

What should we be staying away from? Any vitamins that are total BS?

  • Amazon unknowns

  • Anything with fillers

  • Check for ‘cheapness’ – if you find something very cheap/significantly cheaper or knock off – chances are it could be counterfeit or poor substitute for the real thing

  • Gummy vitamins with sugar / RTD vit drinks / things that feel more like candy

What supplements are great for skin, aging, wrinkles?

  • Sea Buckthorn (skin and beauty WOW booster!!!)

  • Collagen

When should I be taking my vitamins?  Do I take them all together at once?  How do I know?


  • Fat soluble ones with food.

  • Timing does matter – especially with melatonin and magnesium

  • Adaptogens several times per day

  • Aminos – empty pre food pre workout


An Evening of Self-Care with Aveo Vision at Chillhouse

Self-care is one of those topics of conversation that we often talk about but don’t take action to bring into our lives. Taking time for ourselves is easier said than done and often goes overlooked when looming deadlines are around every corner.

Last week I was was excited to spend the evening with a fantastic contact lens brand called Aveo Vision pampering ourselves at one of my favorite spots, Chillhouse.

Aveo Vision is a sustainable, affordable contact lens brand that offers daily contacts. They are able to offer a superior lens at an affordable price point because they manufacture the lenses themselves. Aveo’s mission is to make better eye health accessible to everyone, by offering affordable daily contacts produced as sustainably as possible.

Aveo Vision is the only subscription-based direct-to-consumer daily contact lens company that is vertically integrated, owning both the manufacturing and distribution.

Our evening of self-care was filled with massages, manis and vision tests. I have been a fan of Chillhouse for the last few years ever since I fell in love with nail art. Chillhouse is a destination for some of the best nail artists in NYC. On top of that the space is stunning, super fun and they offer fantastic massages (definitely will be coming back for their CBD massage!)

This year was my first time really getting glasses…with a prescription in them. I was excited at first, because who’s mad at another accessory? But it got old fast. I love having something fun to wear every once in a while, but when I would get out the door without my glasses it was less than stellar. The honest truth that I can’t read street signs from a block away became very real.

I am so excited to be getting my first pair of contact lenses with Aveo Vision so I don’t have to worry about leaving the house blind again!

Thank you, Aveo Vision, for partnering with me on this post. Everything I choose to write about is 100% my own choice and opinion.

Self-care with Aveo Vision

The Modern Nightcap With Cambria Hotels

I love to travel! Experiencing new and exciting countries and cities is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve had the opportunity over the last few years to travel for work to lots of exiting places. Last year I spent most of the month of August traveling through China. One of the things I learned while on my adventure through Asia was finding time for myself and winding down was easier said than done.

Winding down at the end of the day can mean more than an after-dinner cocktail (though don’t get me wrong, I love those as well). I’m so excited to be partnering with Cambria Hotels to share their new Cambria Nightcap Program with you.

Cambria surveyed business travelers and found that close to 50% of travelers are drinking less alcohol than they used to when traveling for business and almost 90% of those surveyed want to end their day by indulging in a little luxury.

Cambria is redefining the nightcap and helping business travelers wind down with little luxuries by providing guests with two new ways to enjoy a personalized capstone to their day. You’re used to grabbing an after-dinner drink at the bar, right? Well what about aromatherapy in your room? A facemask? Probably not. When Choice Privileges members check-in at Cambria Hotels in New York, Dallas, Nashville, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh, they are given the option of one complimentary item from the following:


-Shower Burst

-Herbal Tea

-250 Choice Privileges Points

-$5 beverage voucher

Guests and locals can stop by the bar and try one of the options off the Modern Nightcap Menu:

-Milk + cookies

-Milk punch cocktail

-Chamomile Lavender Tea

-Local craft beer flights

For me, those little luxuries while traveling are everything. Cambria is perfect for travelers who are looking for design-forward,  upscale, hotels. Thank you, Cambria Hotel New York – Chelsea for having me at your gorgeous hotel!

Thank you, Cambria Hotels, for partnering with me on this post. Everything I choose to write about is 100% my own choice and opinion.

Reset & Recharge With L’Occitane

Making time for yourself can be easier said than done. We all want to achieve, accomplish and be that boss that we strive to be! But honestly, making time to recharge and find that glow you might be lacking is just as important as going going going.

Today I’m carving out a bit of detox time with one of my favorite ladies to explore the beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in my neighborhood. Being immersed in nature always helps bring me back to neutral and inspire my creativity. Feeling a bit more at ease and joyful truly shows through in how you look and feel.

Today I also added L’Occitane’s new line of lip products to add a bit of natural glow. In a world of more is more, I like to break the mold. I love their new lip products because less is more with this look. 

The best part is their new 3 step system makes it easy to get summer ready lips! (shopping widget with 3 step products)


Step 1: Exfoliate with the Delicious Lip Scrub (smells so yummy you’ll want to eat it!)

Step 2: Use the Delicious 3-in-1 Multi-Balm to prime your lips for the tinted balm (also love this for an overnight lip treatment for seriously chapped lips)

Step 3: Tinted Lip Balm! The perfect amount of color for that natural summer glow! It’s my favorite way to look effortless in the summer.

Best of all, all 3 products are filled with natural ingredients!



Thank you L’Occitane for partnering with me on this post. Everything I choose to wear or write about is 100% my own choice and opinion.

Loccitane Lip Care

Jewelry With Purpose

Cuff Earring With White Diamonds

Jewelry is often a statement to the world about your personal style, your aesthetic, sometimes your standing in society. The jewelry I wear daily tells the story of where I’ve been, the people I love most and the life I’ve lived. Each piece is a memory and reminds me daily of the ones I hold nearest and dearest to my heart.

When I discovered AU Rate recently, I was immediately drawn to it because of it’s beautiful simplicity, it’s craftsmanship but then, more importantly, it’s giving. With every purchase they donate a book to a child in need. I loved the beautiful little insert in the package telling me exactly the book given to the child in need, Runner by Carl Deuker.

Buying something for yourself always sparks that bit of joy. When it does good, it makes the purchase that much more sparkly.

Leopard Print

Leopard Print

Leopard is one of THE trends of the season.  If you’ve walked down any street in the last few weeks, you’ve seen it everywhere.  Personally, I’m a huge fan.  When chatting during New York Fashion week backstage with the lovely Precious Lee, she told me, “Leopard is my favorite color!” So yes, leopard is happening my friends, so how will you integrate it into your wardrobe?

Leopard Print

I am totally in love with a leopard skirt!  So much so that I now own a few.  I paired this Michelle Mason skirt with a classic black ankle boot, Chanel bag and white T-Shirt.  Sometimes more is more, but for this look, I like to see the statement piece shine.

Leopard Print

Shop a few of my favorite leopard pieces this season:

Leopard Print Leopard Print Leopard Print Leopard Print Leopard Print

Shop the post: T-Shirt: lululemon c/o // Skirt: Michelle Mason (similar) // Jacket: Marissa Webb (similar) // Shoes: Alexander Wang // Sunglasses: Celine // Bag: Chanel // Bracelet: Celine  // Earrings: Sophie Lis // Hair: Playa

Photography by: Michelle Rose Photo 

Leopard Print

Fringe Dress For Summer

Fringe Dress For Summer

That perfect summer dress is one that makes you feel effortlessly put together.  You can throw it on with a great pair of heels, sandals or even sneakers and head out the door feeling like a million bucks.  This number for Intermix does just that for me and is now on sale for $199!  Lately I’ve been wearing it everywhere from the office to weekends away.

I love a dress that has movement and I’m always a sucker for fringe or tassels.  The fringe at the hem of this beauty is so much fun and perfect for a spin (hello, this number is made to hit the dance floor).  I paired mine with a pair of white ankle boots from Mojo Moxy (so comfortable p.s.).

My summer style is always a combination of comfort, fun and texture.  I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a uniform, but this look wouldn’t be a bad one to adopt.  What is your go to summer look?  Do you have a formula that helps you get dressed during those warm weather days?  I would love to hear from you guys!

Fringe Dress For Summer Fringe Dress For Summer Fringe Dress For Summer Fringe Dress For Summer Fringe Dress For SummerFringe Dress For Summer Fringe Dress For SummerFringe Dress For Summer

Fringe Dress // Dress: Intermix  c/o (on sale for $199!) // Bag: Gigi New York c/o // Shoes: Mojo Moxy c/o // Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters // Earrings: Shourouk (similar here)

Photography by Lydia Hudgens

Fringe Dress For Summer

Warm Weather Workout Gear Refresh

Warm Weather Workout Gear Refresh

Summer is finally here, friends!  I could not be more excited and I have been taking every opportunity possible to lace up my sneakers and head out for a run.  Running is one of my favorite ways to sweat.

Since moving to Brooklyn last year, I often run home from the office, it’s the best way to commute.  My trail home is 5 miles of my version of “therapy.” It’s my me time where I work through my deepest thoughts or just jam out to some disco house funk.

Warm Weather Workout Gear Refresh

I have a bit of exciting news to share with you!   I will be running the NYC marathon this year!  That means this summer is going to be filled with LOTS of miles, cross training and hopefully a whole lot of stretching (trust me, I’ve learned my lesson).

So as the weather starts to heat up I’ve been looking for some great new pieces for my summer workouts.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces I’ve been perusing lately:

For your run:

For the bike:

For the mat:
Warm Weather Workout Gear Refresh Warm Weather Workout Gear RefreshWarm Weather Workout Gear RefreshWarm Weather Workout Gear Refresh Warm Weather Workout Gear Refresh Warm Weather Workout Gear Refresh
Shop the look // Top: lululemon c/o // Sports Bra: lululemon c/o // Jacket: lululemon c/o // Pants: lululemon c/o // Shoes: APL
Photography: Shane Lavancher
Warm Weather Workout Gear Refresh