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My Favorite Timeless Spring Trend

marissa webb theo dress

Don’t we all love shopping for the season ahead?  I love a great trend just like the next girl, but sometimes I feel a bit defeated when something goes so out of style after one season.  There are trends, that even though they are trendy, are going to stick after a season or two.  Military style is my favorite timeless trend that isn’t so trendy as to blow away with the summer wind.  Take a look at a few of my favorite military staples for this coming season.



Isabel Marant Hazel Military Jacket $259
Alexander Wang Fringe Trim Military Parka $1,395
Banana Republic Military Jacket $158
Polo Ralph Lauren Military Soutache-Trim Jacket $418
Haute Hippie Cropped Drawstring Trench Jacket, Military $495
MARISSA WEBB Gavin Military Vest $425
My Favorite Timeless Spring Trend
GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Studded suede sandals $427
My Favorite Timeless Spring Trend
MARC JACOBS Belted silk-satin twill mini skirt $540




My Favorite Timeless Spring Trend

Learning To Be Perfectly Imperfect

Learning To Be Perfectly Imperfect
Learning To Be Perfectly Imperfect

Something every athlete fears is the risk of injury.  We all do our best to stretch after a long training run, take it slow when something doesn’t feel right, etc.  But sometimes you get into bad habits and the worst happens, you get injured.

I’ve spent the last 4 months nursing a back injury and accepting that my daily workouts weren’t possible.  For me, working out every day is therapy.  Some people spin, others lift weights, but for me, running is where I find peace.  If I’m working through something difficult, I hit the pavement.  That time alone on the West Side Highway working through things in my head is necessary.  So, for the last few months I’ve felt a bit stir crazy, or just plain old crazy.

The road to recovery felt like a long one, but I am finally working on integrating workouts back into my schedule.  The hardest part though is not to go full steam ahead and workout 7 days straight.  My brain is telling me to do more, while my body is telling me I’m not quite there yet.  And so here is the dilemma, like many of us, my physical appearance and overall fitness is something I work very hard on.  I’m proud of being fit and able to run a half marathon on a whim.  After 4 months of not working out I’ve found it difficult to give myself a break.  I look at my body after this lack of physical activity and find myself picking it apart.  Accepting that I’m not perfect and that everything is a little squishier than it used to be is a hard pill to swallow.

These are moments when we learn though.  Back to the drawing board is what I’ve told myself.  Learning to make time for other therapeutic outlets has been one of the many positive outcomes.  I’ve started taking an interest in meditation thanks to my new friends at Lululemon, and found a new way to chill.  Even though I find it hard to accept my flaws, my new uplifting friends accepted me in my sadly broken state and invited me into their family.

I was humbled when asked last month to be a Lululemon ambassador.  The honor is one that is I do not take lightly.  In my months of recovery they picked me up, cheered me on, invited me to meditate, have coffee, cocktails and laugh.  I am so excited for the amazing journey ahead with this kick ass crew of people.

So here’s to an amazing spring ahead with lots of new running paths, friends and experiences.  If I can leave you with one piece of advice, it’s to get out there and do something that brings you joy today.  A very wise person I met recently told me to spend 15 minutes everyday doing something that brings me joy.  My goal this month is to do just that.  So what will you do with your 15 minutes?

Learning To Be Perfectly Imperfect2016_03_02_EmmaO_Wilhelmina_Fitness-662016_03_02_EmmaO_Wilhelmina_Fitness-125 2016_03_02_EmmaO_Wilhelmina_Fitness-244 2016_03_02_EmmaO_Wilhelmina_Fitness-222 2016_03_02_EmmaO_Wilhelmina_Fitness-612016_03_02_EmmaO_Wilhelmina_Fitness-223

Outfit Details // Jacket: New Balance c/o // Shirt: Lululemon c/o // Leggings: Lululemon c/o // Shoes: New Balance c/o // Gloves: Lululemon // Sports Bra: Lululemon c/o // Sunglasses: Dior // Headband: E.Kammeyer Accessories

Photography: Shane Lavancher



Pajama Style Dressing

Pajama style dressing
Pajama Style Dressing

If I could rock my PJs on a daily basis, I might.  I’ve become well known for my love of “old man pajamas” as my husband calls them.  Those cotton matching PJ sets that are a bit reminiscent of my parents time and to me a classic wardrobe staple.

When the pajama style top found it’s way back into fashion, I immediately snapped it up.  In the last two years J.Crew has been making a whole slew of them that I love (and I may have purchased in every color).  Here are a few tips on how to pull off the pajama trend without looking like you stepped out in your PJs:

  • Instead of a jacket, opt for a vest.  Belt it over a pair of jeans and you’re all set.
  • If you’re going to try a whole matching set, go for silk.  The crisp oxford cotton pajamas are great, but they’re meant for the bedroom and not the boardroom.
  • A pajama top is a chic alternative to your standard button-down.  The accented piping and open neckline make it the perfect pairing for everything from boyfriend jeans to a wide-flared leg trouser.
  • When choosing your footwear for this look, go for something that decidedly does not resemble slippers.  A great menswear inspired brogue, a classic pump or strappy sandal will pair perfectly.

As spring is upon us, it’s the perfect time to try this look.  How will you style it?

Emily 2016_02_20 446Emily 2016_02_20 398Emily 2016_02_20 394Emily 2016_02_20 528Emily 2016_02_20 467Emily 2016_02_20 547Emily 2016_02_20 541Emily 2016_02_20 508 Emily 2016_02_20 443

Pajama Style Dressing: Top: J.Crew (similar here) // Vest: 3.1 Phillip Lim (similar here) // Pants: Zara (similar here) // Purse: Chanel // Hat: Rag & Bone // Shoes: ASH (similar here and here) // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Bracelets: Hermes and E.Kammeyer // Necklace: DIY // Watch: Daniel Wellington

Photography: Shane Lavancher, Styling: Leah Snow









Ladylike Style

ladylike style

Hello Spring!  Or at least it felt like it for a New York minute.  Life has been full of excitement, hard work and lots of adventure.  I’m very excited for some of the news, stories and beauty to come on Accessories Gal and E.Kammeyer Accessories.

I’ve been deep in research for my next collection.  I’m trying something a bit new and different.  The next collection will be featuring some new materials I’ve never worked. There will even be a little something in my emerging men’s collections.  While scouring the Internet and scouting a lot of street style, my current obsession is a the flared trouser.  I’ve always loved a great flared leg.  It’s come and gone, and I will be the first to stand up and say I’m pumped that it’s back.  These aren’t the flared denim of my high school days though, they’re a bit more refined, a little more flared and the rise is scooched up a few inches (thank god).  I’ll be honest, I’m just not a low rise gal anymore.

On this fine Saturday afternoon I decided to take my new flared trousers out for a spin in a very Persian inspired outfit.  Visions of Paris still dance through my head from my recent nuptials in France this last May.  I’m most definitely still feeling the French vibe.

I’ve always been a bit of a more is less kinda girl when it comes to bracelets.  My husband has had a good laugh watching me spend up to 5 minutes taking off all of my jewelry to get in bed.  I took a different approach today and let my new time piece do all the talking.  I love this menswear inspired watch (heck I think this may even be the men’s version, I do have big hands).  Daniel Wellington watches really caught my eye this fashion week with their simplistic, classic design.  Plus you can change out the straps to match the wrist stack of the day.  The team at DW was super cool to extend a 15% discount to Accessories Gal readers.  Just use the code EKAMMEYER at

Inspired by a few of my girlfriends I decided to test out a choker instead of my standard long necklaces.  This isn’t quite the choker of our 90’s day’s, and I’m loving the elegant update.  To be completely honest, this is an easy one to pull off.  I work with leather trims in my collection, so had this sitting around my studio.  But if you are so inclined, head down to 38th st in the garment district and you can snag a bit of leather twine for yourself.  If not in NYC, it’s an easy thing to pick up at any fabric or trimmings store. I added a dash of lace and a cheeky little hat to finish the look.

Until next time!  xoxo, Emily

Emily 2016_02_20 2Emily 2016_02_20 26

Emily 2016_02_20 13Emily 2016_02_20 141Emily 2016_02_20 83Emily 2016_02_20 38Emily 2016_02_20 145Emily 2016_02_20 62 Emily 2016_02_20 101 Emily 2016_02_20 163Emily 2016_02_20 315 Emily 2016_02_20 222 Emily 2016_02_20 380

Ladylike Style: Top: Zara (similar here) // Pants: Zara (similar here) // Purse: Olympia Le-Tan // Shoes: Christian Siriano // Sunglasses: Dior // Hat: Eugenia Kim // Bracelets: Hermes and E.Kammeyer // Necklace: DIY // Watch: Daniel Wellington

Photography: Shane Lavancher, Styling: Leah Snow





Camel Coat

Camel coat
Camel Coat

That special time of year called fashion week is upon us.  A week filled with friends, new and old, conversations of creativity, future collaborations and so much more.  Fashion week does have a funny habit of falling during either the hottest or coldest times of year.

Staying warm and chic can be difficult.  A great statement coat, bag, sunglasses and pair of pants is the go to.  I love my new Veronica Beard coat which kept me toasty this weekend.  It has the perfect-layered look with two coats in one.  The interior leather moto actually zips out so the coat can be worn two ways.

My current obsession though is the Fendi monster collection.  I’m completely aware that it is outlandish, and not so classic, but that’s why I love it.  My very sweet husband bought me this bag for Christmas and I absolutely adore it.  It is a classic Fendi Peekaboo bag, but if you fold down one side you see the fun little exotic skin monster.  But be careful, if the monster isn’t well fed (much like me), he does bite.  Paired with a great trouser, and layers of jewelry, the look is complete.  I especially loved pairing this beautiful little enamel lips bracelet from Dara Senders.  It was the perfect finishing touch with my Valentine’s Day outfit this weekend.

Stay warm out there friends!
Camel coat Camel coat Camel coat IMG_7273 IMG_7305 IMG_7338 IMG_7379

OUTFIT DETAILS: Coat: Veronica Beard (on sale) // Top: Reformation // Pants: Zara (similar here) // Purse: Fendi // Shoes: Armani (similar here) // Sunglasses: Dior // Bracelets: E.Kammeyer tassel bracelet, Dara Senders lips bracelet, Giles & Brother railroad spike, Cartier love bracelet //

Photography by Shane LaVancher

Glitter & Glam

Glitter & Glam
Glitter & Glam

Happy 2016 to the wonderful readers of Accessories Gal.  This last year has been an amazing one.  I was truly blessed to marry my best friend and partner in crime.  Had amazing success with my brand E.Kammeyer Accessories.  And was surrounded by wonderful friends and family.

It’s around this time of year that I always reflect on what went well in the previous year as well as what I could do better, how I can be a better friend, grow my business and my brand, as well as as a person.  I didn’t make any grand goals, except my husband and I created a challenge for January.  No TV at home.  Yes people, I said no TV.  I found myself using it as a crutch when I was bored, sad, feeling uninspired.  It was filling a whole that instead should have been filled with more time with friends, more time being creative and working and more time just talking with the people in my life.  So far I’ve found myself much more productive, much happier in my new marriage and spending more time with friends.  So far so good!

Adding a Little Glitter & Glam To Your Everyday Outfits

As the new year begins I wanted to give you a little dose of closet inspiration.  This simple yet sparkly outfit is one that you can rock your entire day.  No need to run home after work to grab cocktails with your favorite ladies.  It’s all about great basics.  The perfect black jeans, blazer and basic tee.  2016 is a chance to throw away those old worn out basics and invest in fresh new ones that make you feel great.  Throw a great statement shoe and sassy clutch with the outfit and you’re ready to go.   Oh and a few E.Kammeyer tassel bracelets never hurt.

What are your New Years resolutions?  If you’re not the resolution kinda gal, what are you hoping to get out of 2016?  Go big!
Glitter & Glam 1

GLITTER & GLAM // Blazer: Helmut Lang // Tee: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: ASOS // Shoes: Miu Miu (NOW ON SALE!!!) // Scarf: Zara (ON SALE FOR $3.99) // Sunglasses: Celine // Clutch: Edie Parker // Bracelets: E.Kammeyer Accessories Tassel Bracelets, Giles & Brother Railroad Spike, Cartier Love Bracelet

Glitter & Glam 2 4 Glitter & Glam Shoes Glitter & Glam Shoes 2 Glitter & Glam 7 Glitter & Glam 8 Glitter & Glam Bracelets

GLITTER & GLAM // Blazer: Helmut Lang // Tee: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: ASOS // Shoes: Miu Miu (NOW ON SALE!!!) // Scarf: Zara (ON SALE FOR $3.99) // Sunglasses: Celine // Clutch: Edie Parker // Bracelets: E.Kammeyer Accessories Tassel Bracelets, Giles & Brother Railroad Spike, Cartier Love Bracelet

Rent items from my closet at VillageLuxe.  Invitation code ACCESSORIESGAL.

Photography by Shane Lavancher

Sweaty Sundays


Sweaty Sundays are a form of therapy for me.  There’s something about hitting the pavement that clears my mind and brings everything back into perspective.

I’m always on the hunt for activewear that bridges the gap between form and function.  Finding something that’s beautiful, stands up to constant wear, and hugs me perfectly can be hard to find.  Capezio, a brand with a long history of creating clothing for dancers has broken into a new fitness space.  They’ve created items perfect for barre, running, spinning, you name it.

One piece I’m always on the look out for is a great running jacket.  This one from Capezio is perfection.  It has an asymmetrical zipper, oversized collar, and mesh panels.   When it comes to athletic clothes, it’s all about the details and the fit.  The jacket hugs you in all the right places yet leaves just enough ease for your base layers.

Keeping active during the holidays is so important.  When times get stressful, you have too much on your plate, too many people to shop for and too much to do, you need a healthy outlet.  Heading to a class or out on a run can help keep things in perspective.  How do you destress and clear your head during the holidays?


_DSC6279_DSC6253 _DSC6291 _DSC6320 _DSC6352 _DSC6425 _DSC6507

Sweaty Sundays: Leotard: Capezio c/o // Jacket:Capezio c/o // Pants: Capezio c/o // Shoes: New Balance c/o // Glasses: Celine // Watch: Apple

Photography by : Shane LaVancher

Accessory Pick of The Week: Fendi Monster Micro Baguette

fendi monster

Fendi Monster Micro Baguette

Life’s too short to not have fun!  And what says fun more than a mini furry bag with a cute little monster on it!  I’ve been a bit in love with the entire FENDI fur monster collection since it started a few years ago.  It has that perfect dash of kitsch, color and fun.  This little beauty is one of my new favorites.  It can pair with a handbag and hang around the handle or you can put the cross body strap on and wear it as a mini bag.  This little lovely will be along with me to all of those glittery, cocktail filled holiday parties over the next few weeks.

Come back next week to for a little holiday party outfit inspiration.  Cheers!!

Shop: Fendi Monster Micro Baguette, Miu Miu Glittered Mary Jane Pumps

To rent these items head to and use code ACCESSORIESGAL to join.  Rent the Miu Miu pumps HERE, rent the FENDI bag HERE.

fendi monster

Accessory Pick Of The Week: harMonica Undershorts

harMonica Undershorts

Have you ever accidentally flashed a stranger while walking up the subway stairs?  Or many many strangers while walking up the stairs?  Sadly, I probably have, and swear to do my best not to ever do that again.  Sometimes that cute little dress that has great movement and flounce is necessary.  So protect your behind while looking cute with a bit of lace and maybe a bit of sass with these adorable harMonica Undershorts.  They come in molten midnight black, pure blush, liquid sunshine and crystalline print.  Perfect for layering under any dress or skirt!  And all made in NYC! This perfect gift rings in at $48.

Black Friday Sales

The shopping season has begun and it’s time to start prepping those holiday shopping lists if you haven’t already.  Black Friday Sales are the best time to start!  Below are a few of my top sale picks.  Check back throughout the holiday season for more gift giving guides and amazing sale deals!

M&J Trims for ribbons, buttons, findings and more.  25% off using code CYBERWEEK.

Net-A-Porter sale up to 50% off.  Here are a few of my sale picks: Nike leather & mesh sneakers $60, MIU MIU Glittered Patent-leather Pumps $529, Charlotte Olympia Two-faced Suede Wedge Sandal $598,  Isabel Marant Liv Suede & Leather Ankle Boot $882, Dolce & Gabana Embellished Headphones $3,498, Marni Ear Cuff $462, Isabel Marant Sully Printed Modal Dress $557, Self-Portrait Striped Honeycomb Dress $354, Self-Portrait Embroidered Midi Dress $364, Eugenia Kim Biana Hat $234585134_in_pp

569108_in_pp 589176_in_pp 614725_in_pp

E.Kammeyer Accessories 30% off sale using code BLACKFRIDAY.

RM5A8693 RM5A8869 RM5A8770

Pamela Love Jewelry 20% off using code GOOD KARMA



Sweaty Betty 30% off using code BLACK30.

Sample sale to check out starting December 1st.

Brand:   PONO by Joan Goodman
Dates:   December 1-11, 2015 (closed Sunday the 6th)
Time:    9am-6pm
Address: 347 West 36th Street, Suite 405  New York, NY