Vintage Styling In London

vintage styling in london
Vintage Styling In London

Oh how times have changed.  On a recent trip to London my fiance and I visited my old haunts when I studied at The London College of Fashion.  I once lived in the, well let’s be honest, kind of seedy section of London named Bethnal Green.  Everything that could fall apart in my flat did.  Water streamed through the light fixture in the ceiling of our bathroom, my roommates wall was covered in mold after a weekend away, and well our “washer/dryer” couldn’t wash a load of laundry to save its poor little life.  To my surprise I returned to my more shabby than chic neighborhood to find that it had turned into the new Williamsburg of London.  Cool mixology bars, exquisite Indian food, adorable little flats and 20 something Londoners running around.  But not to worry, my crappy little flat was still there.  As was the chips joint that we would race home from the clubs for.

On our little tour of London I dragged Trevor to one of my favorite people watching sections of London, Camden Lock.  Punks galore, street markets, and the hands down best doughnuts of my life.

Here’s a little tour of a few of my old haunts.

IMG_6006My favorite street in Camden. Beautiful pastel color block flats.

IMG_6014 IMG_6015 IMG_6017 IMG_6018

Vintage Styling In London Look: Jacket: Vintage from the 1920s // Tank: H&M // Jeans: Aeropostale // Shoes: Zara // Belt: Hermes // Purse: Givenchy // Sunglasses: Ray-ban // Necklace: E.Kammeyer Tassel Necklace // Bracelets: Tom Binns Safety Pin, Alexander McQueen Skulls, E.Kammeyer Silver Studded Tassel, Nike Fuel Band, Custom Silver Lapland bracelets (similar here)
IMG_6137 IMG_5982Th lock at Camden.

IMG_6000The Donut Cafe at Camden Market.  I may or may not have made Trevor run around the market with me for at least 45 minutes in search of this place.  Yes they’re that good!
IMG_5980The giant Doc Martens store!  A favorite of Trevor’s.
IMG_6128I LOVE the feeling of walking out of Paddington Station to find this as my ride!

IMG_6129The smoking monkey at the cool little mixology bar Satan’s Whiskers in Bethnel Green.

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