Top 4 Spots Fashion Girls Should Know About In NYC

Top 4 Spots Fashion Girls Should Know About In NYCTop 4 Spots Fashion Girls Should Know About In NYC

Ladies have to stick together!  So my fabulous fashionable NYC gals, here are my top 5 spots you should know about.  From shopping, to tailoring, to keeping those pretty red soles in pristine condition, this is your list.

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1. Arty’s Shoe Repair– Arty is my go to shoe guy, especially when it comes to Louboutins.  Those beautiful red soles are one of the trademarks we love, but they don’t stay pretty for long.  One wear and they’re already scuffed.  It’s important to get them resoled immediately (not only for aesthetics but also for stability), and Arty is the master of the Louboutin sole!


2. Pippin home and Pippin Jewelry– Pippin is my favorite vintage jewelry shop in my neighborhood.  Looking for the perfect vintage rhinestone earrings?  Vintage engagement ring?  Even vintage hat!  This is your spot.


3. Angela’s Vintage Boutique– New York is filled with amazing vintage.  But often I find it’s very over priced.  Angela’s is different.  The shop is beautifully curated and incredibly well priced.  My favorite vintage pieces have come from her.  Irish lace from the 1800s, a pristine eyelash lace gown from the 1920s and so much more.  It’s a New York treasure!


4. 260 Sample Sale Space– New York is sample sale mecca.  And the 260 space is a go to for the sample sale obsessed like me.  260 has a constant rotation of designer sample sales such as J.Crew, Alice & Olivia, Rent The Runway, and more. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date!




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