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10 Reasons To Give Up Sugar

If you’re like me, giving up sugar might feel like an impossible challenge.  Having a little   something sweet after your meal and sugar with your coffee is just the norm.  Treating yourself with is a daily habit, and 3pm without a little something, means you won’t get through the afternoon.

Sweet Defeat- Sugar Free ChallengeA few months ago, my husband and I decided to give The Whole 30 a shot.  We spent 30 days without dairy, sugar, alcohol, gluten, and legumes.  It was the hard critical look at our diets that we both needed.  But that was a few months ago now.  Slowly but surely, sugar started making its way back into my diet.  So when the team at Sweet Defeat asked me to join their 7 day sugar free challenge, I said yes.  So why should you give up sugar with me?  There are so many reasons, but here are a few.

10 Reasons To  Give Up Sugar

  1. It makes you look old.  Yes, I said old.  Sugar breaks down the collagen in your skin and decreases elasticity.  So, what’s the point of all that expensive skincare if you’re working against yourself?
  2. It causes inflammation in the body.
  3. It makes you eat more.  Sugar never leaves you satisfied, so you end up eating more looking for that satisfaction.
  4. It’s addicting.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.
  5. It makes you fat.  There are no vitamins or minerals in sugar.  Those empty calories convert to fat, and more especially, fat around your mid section.  So all those ab exercises you’re doing in preparation for summer?  You’re working against yourself if you add sugar to your diet.
  6. It affects your ability to think.  Have you ever felt like you’re in a brain fog?  Yup, sugar can do that to you.
  7. It slows you down.  Yes, that sugar spike after you eat something sweet is real.  You may feel more upbeat for a moment, but then the sugar crash comes along, and it’s all down hill.
  8. It can lead to diabetes.
  9. Sugar destroys your liver.
  10. It’s bad for your heart.

So now that you know all the bad stuff, let’s talk about something positive.  Giving up sugar really isn’t that hard.  7 days is the perfect start because it gives you a goal that is realistic.  I also gave myself a leg up on this challenge by partnering with Sweet Defeat.  Sweet Defeat is a mint lozenge that dissolves on the tongue and helps dull the taste of sweet on your tongue for 1 hour.  It also helps cut down sugar cravings.  I used one lozenge post meal everyday for 7 days (which honestly kept me from eating a LOT of temptations at the office).  It was the tool I needed to help start this journey.

Sweet Defeat- Sugar Free ChallengeHow do I feel now that the 7 days is up?  I definitely have more energy for my daily workouts, my skin is much more glowy, and I wake up a little bit clearer and less foggy everyday.  All in all, I think I’m going to keep going!  Yes, if there’s something special, I will indulge, but honestly, I’m not really missing it.

Sweet Defeat and I are hosting a giveaway on Instagram! Head to @ekammeyer to enter to win a box for your own 7 day challenge.

Sweet Defeat- Sugar Free ChallengeThank you Sweet Defeat for partnering with me on this post. What I choose to post  is 100% my own choice and opinion. 

Sweet Defeat- Sugar Free Challenge