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The Must Have Travel Beauty Products I’ve Been Testing!

Photo taken in our room at The Aldea Kuka in Isla Holbox

Are you planning to travel this summer?

I returned home recently from my first trip back on a plane in over a year, and man did it feel good to see another part of the world! I took the time to explore, enjoy time with my husband and a few friends as well as recharge and play with some new beauty goodies. I wanted to share some of my new discoveries as well as old friends that are travel must haves.

These are the must have travel beauty products I’ve been testing:

The NIGHT silk turban headband is a must have for pulling your hair out of your face when doing your skincare ritual! The 100% silk headband is kind to your hair and won’t cause breakage. I also love it for an easy beach hair do with air dried hair! <CODE EMILY20 FOR 20% OFF>

Supergoop! ‘s Glow Screen has been a long time favorite of mine. It blends in perfectly, has no white cast and looks great under makeup. It has a slight glowy effect and is great if you want to wear on its own without makeup as well!

Lord Jones Bump & Smooth CBD Body Serum is a new product in my arsenal I started using about 2 months ago for a project with the brand (read more here). I fell in love with it because for ages I’ve had bumps on my arms and thighs. This exfoliating body serum/lotion helps reduce and remove those bumps with 2x use a week. Always be sure to wear SPF when using any sort of exfoliating product (This is one of my favorites)! <USE CODE EMILY20 FOR 20% OFF at Lord Jones>

Sometimes I feel like I’ve tried every natural deodorant known to man! I discovered alleyoop’s All-Natural Hair-Inhibiting Deodorant about about a year ago and it’s been in my constant rotation ever since. I love the texture, the hair-inhibiting properties and the scent. Also, it’s an amazing price!

I started using APTO’s Orange Blossom Cleanser about 3 months ago and love it for it’s simplicity. The texture is a light weight gel and smells like heaven. I love APTO for their use of sustainable aluminum packaging as well! The whole brand is really thoughtfully created.

I discovered Herb + Flora about 2 months ago. They have a unique take on beauty by creating products that mimic the effects of fitness on your skin. They have a whole line of products but I chose to focus on two while traveling. The Potion- Youth Recovery Serum and The Eye Of Cyclops – Recovery Eye Gel . I love the light weight gel texture of both products and the plumping effect they give. These are definitely two products I will be integrating into my routine go forward!

I discovered Solvasa a few months ago thanks to a friend’s sister-in-law who works for the brand. I’ve tried most of their products and have been falling in love with them. For travels sake I brought the two cleansers. You can buy them together as The Mindful Double Cleanse. But they are two equally great cleansers you can use together or separate for morning and night as I have. The masque you can use as a masque/cleanser in the morning and the cleansing butter you can use in the evening to remove makeup. It melts into an oil that is honestly a dream to use and feels AMAZING!


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The Must Have Travel Beauty Products I've Been Testing!

My Everything Wellness For The 2021 New Year

Wellness products for the 2021 New Year

It’s been a wild start to the new year that’s certainly challenged my desire for greater wellness in 2021! I for one always look at a new year as a fresh start and a time to find new tools to feel good, find balance, and prioritize my needs. Feeling good and wellness mean something different to us all, but for me it means making time to care for myself and using products and services that make me feel naturally beautiful in my skin and uplift me daily.

Everything I’m going to be talking about today comes straight from my weekly wellness arsenal. These are products I can’t live without and I promise will help you feel good in the new year!

WTHN Face Cupping Kit - Skin Wellness
WTHN Face Cupping Kit

Face cupping is an ancient wellness technique that increases circulation, boosts collagen production, and is like a natural face lift. It also helps relax overly tight muscles in the face. As many of us have been skipping in-office facial appointments, it’s easy to forget that facial massage and relaxing of the facial muscles is so important. It really aids in getting that youthful glow back! <Use code EMILY for 10% off>

WTHN Ear Seed Kit

I feel like one of my best wellness discoveries this year was acupuncture. Now acupuncture is nothing new, but it was to me. It’s been a major game changer in terms of my stress and overall feeling of balance. While getting acupuncture I discovered ear seeds. They are little stickers with a metal ball on the back that are placed on acupressure points on the ear. They can help in anything from stress to digestion. This kit is a little extra fun and has a guide to 10 acupressure points and each ear seed has a Swarovski Crystal on it (they look super chic on!) <Use code EMILY for 10% off>

CAMPO Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatic Wellness
CAMPO Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Ora Space has quickly become one of my favorite wellness spots for acupuncture in NYC. The space is stunning and the practitioners are so special. Ora partnered with CAMPO this year to create the most beautiful ceramic essential oil diffuser. I keep mine in our bedroom next to my desk and like to use essential oils to either focus or unwind throughout the day. <Use code EMILYK for $25 off >

CAMPO Essential Oil Relax Blend
CAMPO Essential Oil RELAX Blend

This little relax blend is perfect for putting in your diffuser when you’re feeling a little anxious or you want to unwind at the end of the day.

Verilux Happy Light For Seasonal Depression
Verilux Happy Light

So many people struggle with depression during the winter because of the lack of light and its importance in mental wellness. I for one struggle on gray days feeling like I have enough energy to conquer my day. The Verilux happy light is the perfect little desk top light that you sit in front of and can help improve seasonal depression, energy, mood and focus.

Equilibria Daily CBD Wellness Drops
Equilibria Daily CBD Drops

Equilibria CBD was a major game changer in my stress and focus in 2020. On days that I forgot to take it, I NOTICED a difference. I use the daily drops in the AM when I wake up. I then take one of the soft gels with lunch and the extra strength drops in the PM at bedtime. The most important part about CBD is consistency. When you use it daily, you really start to feel the effects. <Use code emilykammeyer for 15% off>

Sunday's Wellness Box
Sunday’s Wellness Box

I love nothing more than a beautiful manicure. We look down at our hands all day long and it’s a nice little reminder that you’ve taken a bit of time for yourself when your mani looks beautiful. When I paint my nails at home I love to use Sunday’s (they’re also my go to destination for in-person manicures). Sunday’s is not only a clean nail care company but the concept behind the brand is about introducing wellness and self-care to nail care. When I paint my nails at home I actually use it as a kind of meditation, it’s a great little chill moment in my day. <Use code Emily for the 10% off>

ORA by CAMPO Essential Oil Roll On
ORA by CAMPO Essential Oil Roll On

Last but not least is the ORA x Campo custom scent created for the ORA space store. It’s the perfect little roll on essential oil to keep at your desk, in your purse or just about anywhere to give you a little lift when you’re feeling down. <Use code EMILYK for $25 off >

So I hope that starts your New Year’s wellness journey on the right foot. It’s important to share what makes us all happy and focus in a world as crazy as the one we find ourselves in. What products are essential to your wellness routine for 2021?

MY Everything wellness for 2021