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An Evening of Self-Care with Aveo Vision at Chillhouse

Self-care is one of those topics of conversation that we often talk about but don’t take action to bring into our lives. Taking time for ourselves is easier said than done and often goes overlooked when looming deadlines are around every corner.

Last week I was was excited to spend the evening with a fantastic contact lens brand called Aveo Vision pampering ourselves at one of my favorite spots, Chillhouse.

Aveo Vision is a sustainable, affordable contact lens brand that offers daily contacts. They are able to offer a superior lens at an affordable price point because they manufacture the lenses themselves. Aveo’s mission is to make better eye health accessible to everyone, by offering affordable daily contacts produced as sustainably as possible.

Aveo Vision is the only subscription-based direct-to-consumer daily contact lens company that is vertically integrated, owning both the manufacturing and distribution.

Our evening of self-care was filled with massages, manis and vision tests. I have been a fan of Chillhouse for the last few years ever since I fell in love with nail art. Chillhouse is a destination for some of the best nail artists in NYC. On top of that the space is stunning, super fun and they offer fantastic massages (definitely will be coming back for their CBD massage!)

This year was my first time really getting glasses…with a prescription in them. I was excited at first, because who’s mad at another accessory? But it got old fast. I love having something fun to wear every once in a while, but when I would get out the door without my glasses it was less than stellar. The honest truth that I can’t read street signs from a block away became very real.

I am so excited to be getting my first pair of contact lenses with Aveo Vision so I don’t have to worry about leaving the house blind again!

Thank you, Aveo Vision, for partnering with me on this post. Everything I choose to write about is 100% my own choice and opinion.

Self-care with Aveo Vision