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Athleta Crush of Adrenaline NYFW


Somehow I’ve found myself starting fashion week two days early this season.  As the fashion crowds descend upon the city there is a breath of fun, fresh air at the Athleta Crush of Adrenaline NYFW show.  The show opens with back lit ballerinas and quickly shifts to bouncing acrobats on trampolines. You could feel the energy of the show pulsing through the crowd as the models/dancers streamed across the stage.  The highlight of the show was a full stage of dancers and the star of the show flying overhead.  The clothes were bright, fresh and just screaming, “Work out in me!”.  These aren’t your average workout clothes though.  The fit is perfection, the prints are bright and perfect for those of us that are always trying to fit in a late evening run, while not getting hit by a taxi.  So get your running shoes on ladies, these clothes are ready to be sweat in!

IMG_6460 IMG_6469 IMG_6476 IMG_6478 IMG_6481 IMG_6482 IMG_6492 IMG_6506 IMG_6509 IMG_6515IMG_6521 IMG_6525 IMG_6528 IMG_6530 IMG_6534 IMG_6537 IMG_6543 IMG_6548 IMG_6551 IMG_6555 IMG_6557