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New Year, New You

The New Year: that time when we decide to start fresh, ditch all of our bad habits, create a new workout regimen, and well, tell ourselves we’re going to get down to business.  Not everyone is a New Year’s resolution maker.  I though, am one of those people.  I find that setting goals for myself helps give me direction and accountability.

This year I made a few goals involving my career, my health (mental and physical) and my home life.  I’ll share a few of them here with you.

Goal 1: Sign up for a 1/2 marathon (I haven’t run one since my back injury last year).

Goal 2: Find the workouts that I love doing that will continue to push me to get my sweat on.

Goal 3: Find time in the morning to sit peacefully and enjoy the view in my new home.

Goal 4: Cook two recipes a month with my husband out of our Bon Appetit Magazine.

I’m sure many of you have goals that are fitness related.  I love to workout, so getting my butt to the gym or a class has never been the problem.  But sometimes the workouts get stale and you need to find something new and fun. Since moving, I’ve been encouraged to shake things up and try some fun new workouts.  My early favorites are Brooklyn Body Burn, Xtend Barre and Brooklyn Total fitness.

Even with all of the great new workouts in my neighborhood, one of my all-time favorites and always a kick-ass workout is Body Conceptions.  The classic Body Conceptions classes are part cardio dance, part toning and a whole lot of seat section as they like to call it.  I like to call it “torture,” but I’ll tell you, my ass thanks me later when it looks a whole lot tighter 🙂  Last November I participated in the BoCo 5-week challenge and lost a total of 15″ (the sum of circumferences around your arms, thighs, waist, etc.).  It’s a great way to get in gear and feel inspired by other women doing the same thing.  From February 5th – March 19th they’ll be hosting another challenge.  It starts this week so there’s still time to join.

What are your goals or resolutions this year?  I would love to hear from you all what you’re striving for in 2017.

New Year, New You Outfit// Top: Lululemon c/o // Jacket: Lululemon c/o (Similar here) // Pants: Lululemon // Shoes: Adidas (black with rose gold, grey with silver)  // Sunglasses: Dior // Bracelet: E.Kammeyer Accessories

Photos by Adam Houston