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The Accessories Gal Closet

My husband and I recently purchased our first home in Downtown Brooklyn.  There’s so much to do, decorate and design to add our mark on our new home.  The first design tasks we tackled were  the closets.  We lived for years in Union Square in a “quaint” one bedroom, as we liked to call it, and my closet was as many friends lovingly referred to it, a game of Tetris.  Shoe boxes were stacked 4 deep, with polaroids of what was in them taped to the outside (a nice little trick for those space savers among us).  Clothes were so jam packed I completely forgot half of what I owned.  Moving in all honesty, re-introduced me to the half of my wardrobe that had been buried for years.

To create the closets of our dreams we hired California Closets.  I was super impressed with the details involved in the design.  They measured the height of my heels to decide how tall the shelves should be, counted the number of shoes I had, asked me how I like to organize my denim and how many long gowns I have.  What we created was a space that  amazes me every morning as I  walk into to get dressed.

When designing a new closet, here are a few tips and tricks I highly recommend:

  1. Streamline hangers.  Throw away all of those dry cleaner or wooden hangers and purchase velvet hangers like these to keep your clothes compact and in pristine condition.
  2. Organize jewelry in trays.  We built drawers underneath the vanity in my closet with soft-close drawers, organized with removable jewelry trays.  Keeping jewelry organized in flat trays makes getting dressed so much easier because you see the entire lay of the land.
  3. To maximize space on shoe shelves, places shoes heel to toe.
  4. Organize your purses on shelves by type of bag (clutches, top handle, oversized, etc.).  Additionally, put the dust bags inside of each bag as filler.  It’s much easier to see all of the bags you own and to help them keep their shape.
  5. Lastly, give up fast fashion.  Invest in pieces that will last for years to come and you won’t have to throw away because they just fall apart.

Lastly, two fun pieces of news.  I’m having a huge closet sale on April 22nd. If you live in or near NYC, come join us !  And most of the items seen in this post are available to rent from my closet at VillageLuxe.com (use code ACCESSORIESGAL).

Alexander McQueen Heels (similar here)
Charlotte Olympia Clutch, Olympia LeTan Clutch (similar here), Edie Parker Clutch (similar here),  Edie Parker Clutch

Lululemon Top, Alexis Skirt (similar here), Alexander McQueen Necklace (similar here)
Chanel Bag and Charlotte Olympia Bag
E.Kammeyer Accessories Necklace
Balmain Jacket and Chanel Purse

Christian Siriano Shoes and Armani Shoes
E.Kammeyer Accessories Bracelet and Vintage Chanel Necklace
Photographed by: Shane LaVancher, Styled by: Leah Snow