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Change Is In The Air

Change Is In The Air

Change is in the air, my friends.  Yes, partially because it’s fall, but for me, the last two months have turned my life upside down in the best way possible.  Now, this will also explain why I’ve been MIA, on all fronts.  Instagram, Accessories Gal, Snapchat, you name it, has taken a back seat to the momentous change in my life.  Change that made NYFW a little tricky for me, but none the less, I was able to shoot one fab look, shown here.  What’s happened you ask?  Well, my husband and I finally closed on our first apartment in NYC.  We’ve crossed the river and moved to, dare I say it, Brooklyn!    We are so thrilled to finally own our first home.  We now reside in Downtown Brooklyn, and own a little piece of heaven way up in the sky.

If the apartment weren’t enough change, I added another layer of excitement.  I recently took a new job as Director of Technical Design for an amazing fashion startup called Universal Standard.  I am so passionate about this amazing brand founded by two bad ass women.  The clothing is chic, minimalist and seasonless.  Selling only online, they are changing the way we see fashion in a big way.   Now don’t worry, E.kammeyer Accessories isn’t going anywhere.  I’ve been on the hunt for a long time for something that would creatively challenge me, push me to be better, and grow me as a designer and technical designer.  I’m excited to say, I think I’ve found that job.


Learning to balance this new life is taking some time though.  And I’ll be the first to say that balance hasn’t always been my strong point.  Finding my new sweet spot with work, social life, the blog and fitness has been a bit tough.

So to help me find a bit of perspective, get my butt back in running shape and carve out some me time, I am doing a little 6 week challenge with one of my favorite workouts, Body Conceptions.  I did their 4 week summer challenge and looooved it.  So I thought, what better way to integrate fitness time into my day to day.  Carving out time to workout every day can be difficult.  It’s important to find a workout that you enjoy.  Also, I find planning out your week, and when you’ll workout is important for me.  If I know at the start of the week where and when I’m working out each day, it takes that barrier out.  For me, Body Conceptions has been an amazing workout because it’s fast paced, dance inspired and has great music.  Also, last challenge I saw a huge change in my back side that I wasn’t mad about!

Change Is In The Air

With all of these new adventures I’ve gotten a bit behind on all of the fashionable updates on Accessories Gal.  But, better late than never, here is my favorite looks from fashion week.  If you were around this season, you know that Saturday was hot hot hot.  So I opted to wear as little clothing as possible.  Answer to this dilema, my favorite Miu Miu backless smock top.  It’s part art smock, part canvas trench coat.  Pair it with my favorite jeans from Seafarer, and my go to Fendi Monster mini purse (tied and turned into a fanny pack of sorts).


Change can be a hard pill to swallow for some.  I’m usually one of those people.  This time though, it’s been different.  Finding ways to embrace change is so important.  I’ve found taking a moment outdoors everyday to state my intention for the day helps me get started on the right foot.  It gives me drive to conquer the day.

So I leave you with this, take a moment each day to state your intention, and ask yourself, what do you want to change in your life?

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Change Is In The Air // Top: Miu Miu // Pants: Seafarer (on sale!) //Shoes: J.Crew (similar here) // Bracelet: Margaret Elizabeth 16 Stone Bangle,  Cartier Love Bracelet // Earrings: Pamela Love // Purse: Fendi // Nails: ManiorPedi c/o (get $10 off using code ACCESSORIESGAL10)

Photos by Shane Lavencher

change is in the air