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How To Fake The Perfect Summer Tan

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in the situation where we’ve haphazardly applied self tanner to ourselves at home and TOTALLY botched the job.  I’ve even resorted to asking my best friend to spray me down with an aerosol self tanner, sans clothes, in hopes of not looking splotchy with hands covered in self tanner.  Well, friends, I may have found one of the most brilliant self tanners for looking summer ready, even if you’ve been camped out in your house for the last year!  

Temptu (the master of at home airbrush makeup) has launched an airbrush self tanner!!  And if you’re like me, and not super skilled at home self tanning, this is your new best friend.  Temptu created a super smart 2 step self tanner that makes it easy to look natural and not patchy. 

Before starting any self tanner at home ritual, I like to properly exfoliate. Every time I hop in the shower I dry brush (for both mental and physical reasons). It helps with lymphatic drainage, stimulating blood flow and just feels good and helps wake you up. This dry brush from Aromatherapy Associates is my go to. Then when I step into the shower I use one of two all over body exfoliators pre self-tanning. This one from Megababe is great and is also a fantastic price point at $14. This one from Goop is a little more luxe and a bit more expensive. Now that your body is done, don’t forget to exfoliate your face if you plan to self tan that as well. My go to facial exfoliator right now is from SkinCeuticals.

Now you’re ready to start tanning! You start with the Skin Prep which is an airbrush toner (goes on clear and can actually be used on it’s own).  This step helps prep the skin especially those rough patches like elbows and ankles.  Next step is the self tanner.  Using the Temptu was insanely easy and the mist that comes out of it is SUPER fine and makes for really even coverage.  I was really into the gradual tan that it builds over hours and looks natural, no one needs to look like the high school overly orange versions of ourselves! 

So who’s ready for summer?!

Thank you Temptu for partnering on this post. I only talk about products I love and feel lucky for the opportunity to work with a brand I love! Thank you for continued support of Accessories Gal!

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How to Fake the perfect summer tan