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Eating our way through Berlin!

If we’ve met, you know I have an intoxicating love for food. I looooove trying new things, traveling to countries and ordering things in languages I dont know (and have no idea what I’ve ordered)! Below are a few of my favorite spots I ate, drank or did a little bit of both in Berlin! Come with me on a culinary journey!

Berlin is filled with street fairs, open markets and amazing opportunities to try local craft brews. Walking around town and feeling indulgent? This is the perfect time to try something local.

Asian fusion meets Berlin! GoBento is a fun, quirky, super yummy Asian fusion restaurant in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood with possibly the friendliest, chatty chef/owner in town. Markus the chef/owner/one man show serves up inventive cuisine that comes straight from his inventive brain to your plate. No menus to be seen, Markus explains what he loves right now and what food he is passionately cooking, no need for menus! This is a must see/eat, culinary experience in Berlin…and its BYO!

G Wie Goulasch– To grandmothers house we go! Or at least it feels like it! This tiny, three table, one hostess/owner/cook goulasch restaurant right off the corner of Bergmannstrasse in Berlin is perfect for winter! The vibe is straight out of grandma’s house with old telephones and enameled pots and pans covering the bar area and flowers protruding from beer glasses and jugs on simple wooden tables. The food is homey and warm and oh so inviting! Definitely worth a trek out into the cold!

Lavanderia Vecchia is unlike any restaurant I’ve ever been to. From the purple neon tube lighting emitting from the underside of the tables, to the dish towels on clothes lines and laundry paraphernalia, this place is unique and wonderful. Lavanderia Vecchia is where Italian food and Berlin style meet. Be sure to come hungry as our meal was eight courses (and none of them were small). There is one seating every night so be sure to get a reservation well in advance!

Mustafas Gemüse Kebab is possibly the most famous Kabab in Berlin…and the line reflects its popularity. Thankfully we chose a slightly rainy day to go which scared off most of the lunch crowd and only waited 15 minutes. Mustafas is famous for its fresh vegetable and juicy chicken Döner kebabs, and I must say, are well worth an hour wait (if you show up at peak hours). Döner fans from all over Berlin make the trek to Kreuzberg to try Mustafa’s scrumptious Döner creations, which are topped with Feta cheese, fresh and fried vegetables, salad, and sauces. This is a must eat if you’re traveling to Berlin!

Last but definitely not least I am once again telling you to go to The Barn for coffee. It’s by far the best in Berlin and will satisfy even the snobbiest of coffee snobs.

Check back on Thursday for something a little different! An exploration outside of Berlin to an abandoned TB hospital 🙂