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Sweaty Sundays


Sweaty Sundays are a form of therapy for me.  There’s something about hitting the pavement that clears my mind and brings everything back into perspective.

I’m always on the hunt for activewear that bridges the gap between form and function.  Finding something that’s beautiful, stands up to constant wear, and hugs me perfectly can be hard to find.  Capezio, a brand with a long history of creating clothing for dancers has broken into a new fitness space.  They’ve created items perfect for barre, running, spinning, you name it.

One piece I’m always on the look out for is a great running jacket.  This one from Capezio is perfection.  It has an asymmetrical zipper, oversized collar, and mesh panels.   When it comes to athletic clothes, it’s all about the details and the fit.  The jacket hugs you in all the right places yet leaves just enough ease for your base layers.

Keeping active during the holidays is so important.  When times get stressful, you have too much on your plate, too many people to shop for and too much to do, you need a healthy outlet.  Heading to a class or out on a run can help keep things in perspective.  How do you destress and clear your head during the holidays?


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Sweaty Sundays: Leotard: Capezio c/o // Jacket:Capezio c/o // Pants: Capezio c/o // Shoes: New Balance c/o // Glasses: Celine // Watch: Apple

Photography by : Shane LaVancher