San Francisco Racing

San Francisco Racing
San Francisco Racing

Have you ever made a decision to run a race, and then later say to yourself, “What the hell was I thinking?”  That’s more or less what happened here.  In theory a half marathon in San Francisco sounded like a great idea, and in the end, it was, but I’m going to be honest with you, this was one of the hardest courses I’ve ever run!

Living in New York you get used to the small rolling hills of the Central Park loop and the every once in a blue moon trail run along the Appalachian Trail.  But San Francisco is no joke when it comes to hills.  And as you’ll see a few pictures down on the map of my SF Nike 1/2 Marathon, miles 2 and 10 held some of the biggest, baddest hills of my 13.1 mile race.

When deciding what to wear for a race, it’s about comfort and fit.  What do you feel great in, even after a looooong run.  I’ve become a lover and die hard fan of New Balance!  One of the go to items for a runner is the running legging.  And ladies, I’ve found the perfect legging.  The New Balance Impact Tight is perfectly fitted, slightly high waisted so it doesn’t slip down and has a  grippy interior leg openings for no slip.

xoxo Em

Here are my top race items for my SF 1/2 marathon: Jacket: New Balance Glow Beacon Jacket c/o // Top: New Balance Ice Racerback c/o // Tights: New Balance Impact Tight c/o // Shoes: New Balance 870v3 // Headband: E.Kammeyer Accessories Athletic Headband // Sunglasses:  Electric // Bracelets: Nike Fuel Band, E.Kammeyer Tassel Bracelet

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